Will the Nexus One be Available for All Four Major U.S. Cell Companies?

If you point your browser at…


…and click on the Get Your Phone button, you’ll see you can get an Nexus One without a contract or one with a T-Mobile contract. You’ll also find grayed out selections for Verizon Wireless and Vodafone (Europe) with availability listed as “Spring 2010”.

Now, both CNET…

AT&T 3G version of Nexus One coming

…and Gizmodo (Android Center)…

AT&T and Sprint 3G Versions of Nexus One In the Works

…report that the other two big US cell phone companies will have Nexus One phones tuned for their networks. This means that the Nexus One would be the second HTC produced smartphone available for all four carriers (the Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile achieved this just a few months ago).

This is all good and well. But, I don’t understand why Google and HTC didn’t produce a GSM phone that could work with the 3G networks of both AT&T & T-Mobile. Having an unlocked Nexus One that only works with T-Mobile’s 3G network seems like it misses the point. As for CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon. Well, it would have changed the world if the Nexus One had come equipped to work on any of the four networks whether GSM or CDMA based.