Will Letterman Make Use Of His Advantages?


David Letterman’s surrogates are saying that tonight the late night talk show host will address the WGA strike. But the question many in the chattering classes are asking is can Letterman take advantage of the fact that he, unlike his competition, has not only his writing staff, but has been given a special dispensation for A-listers to appear on his show without the messy, career endangering prospect of crossing the pickets that entangle the competition.

Ratings-wise Letterman’s edgy-ish fare — suffused with a healthy dose of self loathing — has always had a hard time against the more conventional and easygoing, if simplistic, Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Viewers, it seems, would rather unwind into a deep REM sleep late at night without all that untoward geeky awkwardness.

But now, for the first time since the infamous Hugh Grant episode when the pendulum swung in Leno’s favor, David Letterman has all the advantages and his archenemy, Jay Leno, none. Dave will no longer be able to, say, blame CBS for a weak lead-in to explain the disparity in the ratings between his show and Leno’s.

Let the games begin.

(image via nypost)