Will Jared Paul Stern’s Lawsuit Against Ron Burkle & Co. Botch Hillary’s Prez Run?

stern_clinton_prez.jpgInteresting question, and one that likely hinges on how much Stern’s conspiracy allegations against Burkle, the former president and current New York senator will involve the latter, particularly if this case ever comes to a jury trial. Specifically, allegations contained on page 14 of the civil complaint filed in New York, which state that Burkle, ex-secret service agent Frank Renzi, PR manager Michael Sitrick and the Clintons “hoped to divert and intimidate journalists who might attempt to report on their illegal activity or publish embarrassing revelations of Burkle and Bill Clinton‘s sexual misconduct, including Clinton’s extramarital affairs facilitated by Burkle, and sexual activity with minors, and even morer importantly dissuade negative coverage of the numerous scandals that have been attributed and which will undoubtedly be uncovered about Hillary Clinton as she runs for the presidency in 2008.”

We suppose it would depend on the likelihood of a trial before the primaries, the extent of the allegedly “numerous” scandals that have yet to uncovered and just how much interest the general public has in another media-based scandal. (Even a settlement, as the Boston Phoenix notes, could be damaging for Hillary if it unearths something truly scandalous in the process.)

Another open question: Will the Stern suit usurp recent, albeit limited, progress made in the Rupert Murdoch-Hillary Clinton-New York Post relationship, one that had been thorny during the Clinton White house (the Post famously referred to Bill Clinton as “horndog-in-chief”)?


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