Will it be Blioreader Vs. Kindle When the eBook Dust Settles?

Screenshot segment from http://blioreader.com

I’m apparently in the minority of people who think that single function ebook readers are going to have a short lifespan. eBook reading has to be available on general purpose computing devices to really go mainstream. My gut feeling is this will happen in a relatively short period of time (like the old Pony Express). Tech innovator Ray Kurzweil appears to be betting on this too based on this item on Gizmodo…

First Look at Blio, Ray Kurzweil’s Tablet-Friendly Ebook Format

The Blio ebook reading app will be available for a variety of platforms. And, Gizomodo says the rendered pages look good. Here’s the thing though. Amazon is exactly ignoring the possibility of the Kindle fading away some day. Their iPhone app works great for me. And, I need to spend more time using Kindle for PC on my touchscreen netbook. Both already can display ebooks in color.