Will GannonGate Ever Go Away?

GannonGate is the story that just won’t end. It’s getting to the point where we feel Gawker’s pain about writing about the Gates day after day–although more recently, they’ve at least gotten to write about Paris Hilton’s sidekick.

We haven’t quite figured out the Fishbowl angle on that one–and while we’re pretty sure we could hack into Jano Cabrera’s Blackberry somehow we don’t think that publishing the private cell phone numbers of Ron Brownstein and Elisabeth Bumiller would create quite the same hysteria.

Enough digressing. Here’s the latest on GannonGate: Salon picks up the story of hard passes vs. day passes, and over at BuzzFlash propaganda “expert” Mark Crispin Miller explores the various deeper meanings of the whole affair. Miller answers a variety of “fair and balanced” questions like this one:

BuzzFlash: If the Gannon/Guckert affair–which touches upon so many of the threats that the Bush White House poses to America and its utter moral corruption–doesn’t force the mainstream press to forsake corporate profit concerns and fear of getting Karl Rove upset, what would?

Also E&P continues its dogged reporting, digging more deeply into Gannon’s role in last fall’s South Dakota senate race. Yawn.

Please make this story go away soon — or if you’re Jeff Gannon, please call us so we have something new and interesting to report…