Will Digital Ads Kill the 30-Sec TV Campaign Ad?

On Monday, the National Press Club will host a panel of campaign and digital ad experts moderated by Eleanor Clift of “The McLaughlin Group” and Newsweek-The Daily Beast. The topic: the future of TV campaign ads. Pointedly, is there one?

The time is not too godawful — it’s 8:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the National Press Club.

A bit about what’ll be discussed: “For more than 60 years the public and political reporters have been both intrigued and outraged by the 30-second TV commercial promoting candidates for office. From LBJ’s Daisy ad to Reagan’s ‘Morning in America,’ the TV spot has been a defining element in many campaign cycles. Yet as more Americans turn to websites and mobile devices to get information, is the classic commercial on its last legs? And if it is, what does the future look like?”

Who’s on the panel? Matthew Gagnon, Director of Digital Strategy, Republican Governors Association
Jenna Golden, Political and Advocacy Team, Twitter @jigolden
Taryn Rosenkranz, Senior Advisor, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee @tarynrosenkranz
Rena Shapiro, Political Director, Pandora
Erin Vieira, Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager, Undertone

All working journalists, whether you’re members of the National Press Club or not, may attend. Please register here or just show up and register on site.