Wikileaks' Only 'Friend' is a Massachusetts Startup

For investigative journalism non-profit Wikileaks, whose publication of classified diplomatic documents triggered cries for the blood of founder Julian Assange, friends are hard to come by. Except on Twitter.

Wikileaks follows, or ‘friends’ only one account on Twitter, and that’s TweetBackup, a company that provides backup storage for Twitter accounts. The service requires that users follow them on Twitter for the service to function.

TweetBackup is actually Swedish, but it was purchased by Cambridge, Mass.-based Backupify in November. Backupify, which launched in 2008, maintains a staff of about 10 people, and picked up a handful (about 20,000 customers) from the buyout.

While other large web businesses such as Amazon and eBay-owned PayPal, which provided some core hosting and financing services, have abandoned the embattled Wikileaks, it’s Twitter account is still active and maintains about 400,000 followers. So is it’s Facebook fan page, which has more than 800,000 ‘friends.’