WiFi Enabled Bus Stops Subsidized by Advertisement: Good Idea IMHO

There’s been a number of interesting public access WiFi projects over the years. The best known is Starbucks’ WiFi network which became available for free last summer. California’s state government offers public WiFi in some government buildings. And, some of you may remember Verizon’s experiment with offering WiFi around phone booths for their DSL customers.

Verizon pulling plug on free Wi-Fi (MSNBC, April 28, 2005)

I thought this was a very good idea and was disappointed when the experiment was stopped. A similar experment is in progress now as part of an advertising pilot project by Google, Nokia, and Orange.

Billboards Join Wired Age – Wi-Fi Lets Once-Static Posters Interact With Smartphones and Their Owners

People with WiFi devices can interact with posters in bus stops, phone booths, train stations and airports in several cities. These WiFi posters can distribute apps and video ads. They also provide free WiFi access to the Internet.