Why You Should Be Selective About Who You Link To

LinkedIn is not a place where the more connections, the better–despite what some people may want you to think.

Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim’s Strategy explains it in a way that makes sense.

Imagine a huge apple orchard full of fresh blossoms, lots of bees. This time the bees land and leave without doing their business. The result? No apples.
My advice? Do your business. Start pollinating.
If you don’t start a connection with (at minimum) a personal introduction on LinkedIn, you will kick-off each connection (relationship) with such a small amount of commitment that you might as well avoid connecting altogether.

We’d go a little further and say only connect with people you’re comfortable asking a (small) favor of. Otherwise, when you’re trawling your network to see who knows that media exec you want to work for, you may get a little excited when you see that she’s only one connection away. Oh, but that connection in between is someone you met once at a cocktail party…why would THEY introduce you?

If connecting to as many people as possible was a desired outcome, then LinkedIn should just automatically link us to everyone when we sign up, Tyrell-Smith says.

Seriously. We’ve said it before and will say it again. Only connect to people you know well. A well-tended network of 30 is more valuable than 3,000 people you’ve never met.