Why We Stopped Reading Jon Friedman

We’ve stopped reading Jon Friedman. And we’re, well, O.K. with it.

We used to be some of those people who had the not-so-guilty pleasure of accidentally clicking on a Romenesko link to Friedman’s media column, just to see what hapless news he was commenting on. He used to make us not laugh. But lately, we’ve been cringing.

Friedman now spends too much of his time going for new-media shock and the cheap traffic of an anti-Gawker column. The shift is as abrupt as if, say, Jon Friedman left the stage and Thomas Friedman replaced him.

Friedman must reckon that he can drive the needle higher still by publishing such juvenile stuff. Oh well. We’ll come back to Friedman when it makes us not laugh again.

Why I stopped reading Gawker [Marketwatch]