Why Washington Gossip Sucks

We don’t mean to pick on Politico CLICK this week, but they have yet another shining example of why Washington gossip is so lame. It occurs in their pie item with the boring headline, “Obama picks up some pie.”

But that’s not even the worst of it.

In the item they muckraked that senior adviser David Axelrod “revealed” on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” last year that POTUS has a weakness for pie. Huh, revealed? Hardly jaw dropping. Perhaps a weakness for having pies thrown in his face or late-night binging and purging would be revelatory.

To be clear, we don’t necessarily fault them for the pie item itself — after all, we did one too. But we don’t use words like “revealing” unless we’re a) being sarcastic or b) actually revealing something weird or unusual. Obama liking pie doesn’t exactly qualify.

In the words of a commenter named WhataStory: “What a story.”