Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Sure, it’s August. Congress leaves and reporters go on vacation.

But for three weeks?

WaPo‘s “The UnReliable Source” is — get a load of this — on vacation until September. In an election year. With no one at the helm of what should be the premier gossip site of Washington’s hometown newspaper.

This is, Fishbowl readers, one of the many reasons why Washington D.C. gossip sucks and why it’s vanilla infused and justifiably embarrassing like our destroyed ice cream cones above. And by the way, gossip gals who won’t be reading this because they’re busy reading mindless beach novels, this is why there’s two of you, so that, you know, one can go tanning while the other works, if you still remember what that means.

What, WaPo doesn’t have an intern they can blindfold, starve and tie his hands behind his back who couldn’t do a better job at this point?

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