Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Usually a publication’s gossip page is the go-to page for readers. It’s usually fun, lively. Occasionally daring. Just ask NYP‘s Page Six.

But in Washington, not even WaPo’s gossip column, The UnReliable Source as we’ve dubbed it, can hold readers’ interest. Not only do they report on Hollywood stars like Justin Bieber (who doesn’t, by the way, live in Washington), even more egregious is the fact that don’t even place at all on the publication’s list of most visited areas on their website. The star of their findings is liberal blogger and Democratic strategist Ezra Klein.

Hmm…maybe Klein should write gossip?

A memo from Managing Editor Raju Narisetti details extensive findings about the newspaper’s internals. The top 5 blogs are as follows…

1. Wonkblog (Ezra Klein and team)

2. Celebritology (Jen Chaney)

3. The Fix (Chris Cillizza and team)

4. Blog Post (Melissa Bell and team)

5. Plum Line (Greg Sargent)