Why Is There a Starbucks Cup in Tumblr’s Logo Today?

Sponsored Dot unveiled on National Coffee Day

You know that period at the end of the Tumblr logo? It’s for sale to advertisers, called the Sponsored Tumblr Dot.

Well, it's not for sale every day, but it's open to sponsors on special days like today's National Coffee Day when a little Starbucks cup will take the place of the period in the logo. 

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Tumblr has already made use of The Dot on Valentine’s Day, Pi Day, Punctuation Day and for events like the World Cup when the period becomes a hub to quickly reach posts related to those topics. Users just hover over the period to reveal information linking them to the search results page leading to more posts about the issue at hand.

"The Sponsored Dot is a natural evolution of what we’ve been doing," said Lee Brown, head of global sales, describing it as a fun way for brands to engage on the site.

These sometimes quirky national days have become easy targets for brands looking to become part of that coveted real-time conversation on social media. This is especially true on Twitter where marketers are quick to comment on the trending topics and buy their own trends.

Tumblr did not reveal how much it costs to sponsor a dot of the day. Starbucks was the first advertiser, buying itself prominent placement when Tumblr users go there to discuss and create posts around coffee day. 

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