Why No Reliable Source Blog?

As Harry Jaffe pointed out, the Post’s “Reliable Source” has been bested by not only Roll Call’s Mary Ann Akers recently, but blogs and other gossip columnists as well. Certainly, much of this is due to the restrictions of deadlines and their publishing schedule (i.e. they couldn’t exactly break news on the White House Correspondents dinner, since by the time their next column appeared–Tuesday–blogs and others would have already thoroughly exhausted the subject).

But if the competition is so fierce, as Amy Argetsinger points out, why don’t Amy and Roxanne Roberts start a blog in order to have an outlet for breaking gossip and scoops? After all, if there’s a gossip war out there, better come prepared.

And besides, we all know that the Post loves blogs

Or is it that Downie & Co. sees RS as more of a cutesy, humorous, society page rather than a news-reaking space? As one reader tells us, perhaps with the Post’s dwindling circulation, they want to steer clear of the potential lawsuits that real gossip-mongering can foster?

A penny for your thoughts…

>UPDATE: A Postie writes in to tell us that Amy and Roxanne did speak with post.com about doing a blog (maybe even worked on a prototype) but ultimately deemed it too time-consuming.

>UPDATE: We are reminded of Erik Wemple’s earlier piece on this topic. “The Reliable Sourcers dutifully banged away at prototypes but found the work counterproductive. The national imperative chafed against the columnists’ daily search for gossip on local personalities.” Further, they didn’t want to step on the toes of the Celebritology blog.

The questions remains whether whatever productivity gained by not not doing a blog pales in comparison to the scoops lost by not having an online outlet…???