Why Doesn’t Android Natively Support Bluetooth Keyboards?

I kind of understand why the iPhone does not support the use of Bluetooth keyboards: Steve Jobs hates buttons/keys of all kinds! Just look at the silly one-button mouse that morphed into a no-button mouse (which actually has “hidden” left/right buttons). Then, there’s the iPad which finally gives Steve a big(-ish) screen computer with no keys and very few buttons. [Note, I really want an iPad :-)]

But, does anyone know why this keyboard hatred caught on with the Android gang too? The HTC G1 had a pretty bad keyboard (I owned one for less than 2 weeks). And, the Motorola Droid keyboard is unusable. But, you would think Google would support Bluetooth keyboards unlike Apple. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

There is a free-mium Android app named KeyPro – Android Trial available from the Android Market that works with a number of Bluetooth keyboards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with my old (but still working) Think Outside Stowaway BT keyboard. But at the very least, it is available for the keyboard models it does work with since Google doesn’t police apps the way Apple does.

I sure would like to see native Bluetooth keyboard support in Android 2.2!