Why Does MySpace Suck? Two Local Authors Have the Answer

414wCL+cXQL._SL500_AA240_.jpgIn their new book, Impotence in the Boardroom: MySpace Caught an STD, marketing experts Yvette Bowlin and Sonni Carr explore what they call “strategically transmitted diseases” (Or STDs, natch) to explain why some brands just, you know, suck. From the press release:

Bowlin and Carr take readers inside the doors of MySpace and recount the events of a 2006 meeting between the authors and MySpace executives. The two create a case study to show how MySpace has become a one-hit wonder reaching ‘has-been’ status as quickly as stardom–all because it chose to ignore the fate of feature fatigue. Even this behemoth of a company that became the topic of every lunch conversation and found its way into almost every advertising budget, isn’t indestructible. Subject to the fickle audience to which it catered, MySpace.com needed a salvaging opportunity–fast! The authors tell the company’s promising beginnings to its pending doom and how MySpace executives rejected an exciting, intriguing opportunity that would have repositioned them as the leader in social impacting, and instead, settled for ‘safe and sorry.’ Bowlin and Carr, the Opportunity Analysts, also show how companies such as Dow, Citigroup, Cisco, Keen Footwear, MSN and Coca-Cola aren’t making the same mistake and how they stay relevant, attractive and desirable in today’s hormonally-charged marketplace.

Impotence? STDs? Hormonally-charged? We’re no marketing experts, but isn’t it bad practice to associate your message with lumps, bumps, pus and zits?