Who’s Keeping Tabs on Brands’ Tags?

For advertisers, agencies and e-commerce companies, keeping tabs on the multiple tracking tags they place on a brand’s Web site is a universal problem, according to survey conducted by the technology startup firm TagMan.

Per the survey, a whopping 99 percent of respondents said they faced problems with either implementing or managing tags—those tiny bits of code which brands use to track traffic to their sites and ad campaigns on other sites. Eighty-six percent of respondents reported errors in implementing tags—with 65 percent claiming such errors resulted in loss of data, and 63 percent experienced campaign delays.

Even worse than errors and delays is that a significant number of respondents said tag mishaps have done damage to their business. Among the 100 ad executives surveyed, 31 percent say they have lost traffic to their sites as the result of tagging issues, while 28 percent say they’ve actually lost sales as a result.

Naturally, TagMan says it has a solution. The London, England-based company, which has expanded into the U.S. of late, offers advertisers a universal ad tag—one that should reduce implementation time and costs.

The company’s client roster includes Virgin Atlantic, Subaru, Boden, Laura Ashley, Ted Baker and Air New Zealand.