Whodathunkit? Professional Wrestling a Recession-Proof Media Investment

In an otherwise sandpaper dry Hollywood Reporter story about how media conglomerates are staring to pay their shareholders dividends again, writer Georg Szalai tacks on one of the most fascinating throw-away kickers we’ve read in quite some time.

“Sports entertainment powerhouse World Wrestling Entertainment is an industry dividend-yield champ: Its 36 cents per share quarterly dividend amounts to a yield of 8.8%.”

Yes, you read that right. If only you’d have invested your life’s savings in the WWE a couple of years ago — instead of that eight-bedroom, public transportation-adjacent monstrosity in Van Nuys — you’d be a rich bastard right now, with your choice of bargain-basement, foreclosed Van Nuys monstrosities.

With all apologies to Sarah Palin, capitalism sure can be retarded, can’t it?

Photo Illustration: WWE