Whoa, There: Spanish Mag Depicts First Lady as a Slave

A Spanish magazine recently made one of the most baffling art choices in memory by running a cover that clearly depicts First Lady Michelle Obama in the guise of a bare-breasted French slave. That’s right–let it settle in. You think they were aiming for controversy? Just a little bit?

The entire internet has subsequently condemned Fuera de Serie (roughly translated as Off the Charts), whose editors seem to be following in the footsteps of the Dutch mag that earned quite a bit of (very negative) attention last year for calling Rihanna a couple of names that we won’t reprint here.

We’ve posted the full image below the “fold” for braver readers:

Beyond the generally horrible idea, we must note that the image itself just isn’t very impressive. (This article offers an interesting comparison between the Photoshop job and the painting that supposedly “inspired” it.)

Bad news all around for Fuera de Serie, right? Well, a quick Google search tells you that this cover–which we can hopefully all agree is in the very poorest of taste–got the otherwise obscure magazine a whole lot of attention. They’ve even chosen to report on their own self-made controversy! How convenient.

The funniest thing about this whole incident is the fact that the purpose of the article is to praise the First Lady and reveal how she “won the hearts” of the American public–and the artist responsible says she hopes Michelle sees it as she’s “sure [she] would love it.” We wouldn’t be so confident.

So what do you think? Will this move ultimately bring more Western readers to a Spanish rag? We somehow doubt it.

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