Who Said There Was No Money In Journalism?

(featured above: Arthur Sulzberger Jr. at the podium and Newseum President Peter Prichard, seated. Photo credit: Newseum/Sam Kittner)

As we teased yesterday, the Newseum announced a major contribution to their museum yesterday.

Each of the donors will become a founding partner of the Newseum, and major galleries/venues will bear their names. According to a Newseum release, the $52 million donors are:

  • The New York Times — Ochs-Sulzberger family, $10 million, Great Hall of News (atrium)
  • News Corporation, $10 million, News History Gallery
  • The Greenspun family of Las Vegas, $7 million, Terrace on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • NBC Universal, $5 million, Interactive Newsroom
  • Time Warner, $5 million, World News Gallery
  • Hearst Corporation, $5 million, Power of News Theater
  • ABC News/Walt Disney Company, $5 million, Changing Exhibits Gallery
  • The Pulliam family, $5 million, Great Books Gallery

    The Newseum gift will go toward a $100 million capital campaign, said Charles Overby, chairman and CEO of the Freedom Forum and the Newseum. The remainder of the $435 million will come from the Freedom Forum foundation. Overby also said he expects other companies and families interested in news media and First Amendment issues to give another $50 million before the end of 2007 as part of the $100 million capital campaign.

    What do you think the free gift is with that sort of donation? That better be one sweet tote bag.