Who Has Lost Their WH Hard Pass?!?

Drop us a line to let us know the losers.

    It’s “use it or lose it” time for White House reporters. We hear that the West Wing, on orders from the U.S. Secret Service, is busting reporters who hold a coveted “hard pass”—giving them 24-7 access to the White House—but rarely go there. “The Secret Service is concerned that there are too many White House hard passes out there,” says C-Span’s Steve Scully, the prior president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. To cull the long list of pass holders, the service is tracking just how often reporters enter the facility, with irregulars losing their pass. So far, says White House spokesman Scott Stanzel, only a “small minority” of reporters have been bumped, and all they have to do is E-mail the press office in advance to get in.