Whitman Canvassers Spotted on LA Subway

We got a report that Meg Whitman canvassers were on the Gold Line this morning talking to commuters about Whitman’s “plan” for California. Whitman’s plan so far has been to say “plan” a lot. But she’s also most notably against California’s voter approved high speed rail project. Why is she against it? She says because the state can’t afford it. It’s a bond measure and not from the state’s budget. And there are stimulus dollars at risk for not doing the project. Plus what about all the jobs? We don’t understand.

Anyway, the candidate who is against mass transit is using the Metro as a place to get her $140 million message of frugality out.

Our tipster writes:

During my morning commute from Pasadena, I was joined by two canvassers for the Whitman campaign. After they had given their initial spiel, several passengers, myself included, helpfully informed them that Meg’s constituents aren’t known for their use of public transit. We suggested they might be more warmly received at the waiting room of a nearby Mercedes dealership.

Who were these canvassers? Does a billionaire actually get volunteers?

Two people, male and female. Just what you’d expect. White, 50s, delusions of being somebody. One passenger did ask if they were paid, but no response was provided.

Dressed like they were meeting chums for coffee – you know, hang at the club, but can’t be bothered with actually playing golf or tennis. Guy had white hair and a spare tire. Woman had that dessicated look of having spent too much time in Palm Springs.

They had clipboards and glossy lit. Didn’t offer me any, gee.

A few other passengers gave them grief. No positive responses. Think most were just responding as they would to panhandlers – ignore em and maybe they’ll go away.

Correction: The original photo accompanying this item was that of a bullet train, not an engine of LA’s MTA Gold Line. FishbowlLA regrets the error.