White House Now Stresses Feeding the Press


My what a difference a year and seven months makes.

Earlier this week a White House Pool Report showed off the improved relations — at least in terms of sustenance — between the White House and the press corps. Few can forget the March 2010 incident when a reporter was locked in a closet for hours during a Florida fundraiser because V.P. Biden and staff didn’t want him mingling with the guests. The local reporter subjected to the closet treatment was The Orlando Sentinel‘s Scott Powers. An hors d’oeuvre he never got to try: Rosemary flatbread with grapes, honey and gorgonzola.

Now President Obama makes overt gestures to make sure reporters are being fed.

The payoff?

Pool reports like this one by LAT/Tribune‘s Peter Nicholas from a fundraiser in Los Angeles:

Pool was ushered out after 10 minutes, as potus opened it up for
questions. As we slithered out, potus asked if we’d gotten any of the
chicken from his earlier stop at Roscoes. Reuters’ Jeff Mason assured
him that there was pizza waiting for us outside. Pool is holding contentedly near the Lassiter’s lighted backyard pool, enjoying a cool LA breeze and snacking on individual-size pizzas.