White House CTO Uses Quora to Ask 3 Key Questions to American Entrepreneurs

Aneesh Chopra, an Assistant to the President and the U.S. Chief Technology Officer is embracing new social media in his latest move.  He’s decided to use Quora to ask some key questions regarding the use of new technologies to help the people.  This is part of President Obama’s “Startup America” plan, and is focused on getting entrepreneurs speaking about what they want out of government.

The 3 questions are given below:

Choosing Quora is a wise move, because while the number of users/views is not necessarily as high as other networks, the quality of the users is very high.  One commenter pointed to another question that he felt was more important: Does the Obama administration have a modus operandi to set up red tape-busting groups within entrenched federal bureaucracies? Another criticized the narrow nature of the questions themselves, arguing that that saying “use” instead of “development” makes it less attractive to entrepreneurs.

The introductory post only had 1000 views so far, but if you look at the questions themselves, you see that people are beginning to follow along, and some big answers — as is emblematic of Quora — are starting to come in.

The question will now become whether anybody acts on these ideas, which have all been carefully thought out.  I hope to see some follow up and will be following the questions myself.