Which Posties Want Cryopreservation?

The Washington Post Company has amended their Flexible Benefits Program:

    Effective November 1, 2006, The Washington Post Company Medical Expense Plan is amended to add cryopreservation as a covered benefit in instances where an eligible member expects to undergo medically necessary medical treatment which will render him or her infertile. In addition, appropriate tests, medication and procedures will be covered as needed to prepare the member to harvest the eggs, ovaries or sperm. This benefit will apply equally to male and female members and regardless of the member’s fertility at the time the services are rendered. Plan payments for medications and medical services covered under this benefit will apply to the member’s $20,000 lifetime infertility maximum.

    Members are required to submit medical documentation of impending
    treatments which are expected to cause infertility with a claim for
    services covered under this benefit. A network provider may pre-certify the services with Aetna directly.

And, as one Postie puts it:

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think this covers fast-trackers who just want to freeze their stuff until they complete their foreign posting/get a North Wall office/find Mr./Mrs. Right.