Which Brands Won and Lost the Sochi Olympics on Social Media?


[Via Reuters/Pawel Kopczynski]

The Sochi Winter Olympics are officially over, and the general consensus is that these may not have been the most exciting games in history (though The New York Times theorizes that some refuse to acknowledge their success in order to avoid praising Vladimir Putin).

One of the reasons we weren’t completely compelled is that we were distracted by a very serious political revolution in neighboring Ukraine.

We know who won in terms of medal count (Russia) and who lost in terms of ratings (NBC), but what about all those sponsors? Which brands won the most coverage on social beyond the ones Johnny Weir featured on his Instagram page?

Thankfully, we can now answer that question with this handy infographic from Engagor, which produces a platform for “real-time customer engagement, social media monitoring and analytics”, after the jump.

Engagor 2014 Winter Olympics Sponsors Infographic

So the Games’ biggest sponsors got a predictable return on their investment. The sentiment findings are more complicated—note the incredibly positive response surrounding Visa, Panasonic and Omega.

Turns out that the top brands’ mis-steps on gay rights did have an effect: the vast majority of posts mentioning McDonald’s and Coca-Cola were negative due to both the inherent contradictions of the world’s biggest fast food brands sponsoring its top athletic event and the hijacking of the #CheersToSochi tag. Samsung, on the other hand, got bad publicity thanks to its insistence that athletes not use any other mobile devices during the ceremonies.

It’s almost as if the other brands received positive attention due to not being one of these three. What do we think?

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