Wherein we plunder our brethren

We love our co-bloggers and think they’re funny and smart. So, here’s a sampling of their smartitude and funniness:

  • Why is the White House pissed at the Washington Post? FishbowlDC knows. [FBDC]
  • What kind of beer will Arianna serve at the HuffPo/Defamer party on Wednesday? FishbowlLA invites you to send in your best guesses. I’m planning on getting woozy on champagne and saying boneheaded things to John Cusack. Yay! Also: HuffPo inherits Robert Scheer. [FBLA]
  • Why is Jim Cramer so angry? People who watched Dan Rather 60 Minutes know; we’re not sure if TVNewser watched but either way he’s got the goods (please. You don’t actually have to watch the news to report on it!). Also: Rita Cosby in bunny ears! [TVNewser]
  • With how many grains of salt ought we to take the Kirkus review of the new book by Wonkette’s Ana Marie Cox? GalleyCat knows, and can count really high. Also: responses to the death of Peter Drucker. [GC]
  • What was your worst assignment ever? And did you at least get paid? See how you stack up to the luckless souls on MBToolbox. Also: Farewell, my sweet adverb. [MBToolbox]
  • It does take two to make things go right! Sometimes three or four depending how you swing, and if you’re Scooter Libby you toss in a bear. Fishbowl doesn’t judge, but anyhow that’s not the point: over at the mothership citizen media critic Rachel Kramer Bussel explores the power of collaboration in book authorship. [MB]