Where Were You When The New York Times’ Site Went Down?

Last night, at approximately 9:45 pm Eastern Standard Daylight Time, a catastrophe rocked the nation. No, Hot Pockets were not discontinued. The New York Times’ website went down for about 40 minutes. Thankfully people sprang into action, alerting the masses to what had transpired.

The Wrap detailed the horror with, “The web page of the New York Times briefly appeared to be down, with a message reading ‘page not found.'” All Things D lamented, “There’s been no explanation from the media company,” for the crash. Adweek deemed the site being down a “snafu.” Even the Times’ staffers tried to quell the riots that would surely ensue if people realized that they might have to visit another news site for a few minutes.

Eventually the Times’ site came back, but it was too little too late. FishbowlNY hears that Bill Keller took the first flight out of the country once he heard the news. All we know is that he was last seen sipping mai tais on a remote island off the coast of Tortola.

We’re kidding, obviously. It’s just fun to see how something as small as the Times’ site going down for a few minutes is a newsworthy story. But then, we just wrote about it too, didn’t we?

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