Where To? for iPhone Can Help You Find & Share Places to Go. Optional AR View Adds to Discovery Fun

Summer 2011 is nearing its end. But, there’s always time to discover something fun, interesting or useful around you. One iPhone app that can help is was just named an App of the Week in Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Where To? (iTunes App Store)

Where To? helps you discover things around you. It provides 11 broad categories with many subcategories in each to help you search for specific venues. Search results can be displayed in one of three ways:

1. Pushpins on a map
2. A list with results grouped by distance from you
3. Augmented Reality view (a 99 cent in-app purchase) that show results in a camera view. Result shown in large text are near you and results in small text are farther away

Detailed information about a particular search result can include a phone number, address, directions and distance from where you are. Location information can be shared via email, text message, Twitter or Facebook. The app can also work with Navigon MobileNavigator, TomTom, MotionX GPS drive or “Maps” (without voice) to give you directions to your selected destination.

One characteristic I really appreciated about the app was its responsiveness in the map and list mode. There is a bit of setup time required by the Augmented Reality viewing mode. However, this is not surprising or unexpected for a function that requires a lot of computational resources.

Note: FutureTap provided a free evaluation copy of the app and its Augmented Reality option.