When Working, Henry Blodget Prefers to Stand

BusinessInsiderLogoAs Business Insider prepares to launch this fall its seventh international site – Business Insider UK – Guardian U.S. business correspondent Dominic Rushe caught up with CEO Henry Blodget in New York. Rushe’s article leads off with an intriguing, HB work habits reminder:

His desk is easy to spot in the open newsroom. It’s raised so he can spend the day working on his feet. The desks on either side are raised too. “That’s peer pressure for you,” he says.

He decided to stop sitting after reading articles on BI’s website about the health hazards. “More Terrifying Facts About How Sitting Will Kill You,” reads one. “ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? Watch Out! Your Job May Be Literally Killing You,” reads another.

To support the UK launch, Business Insider has hired away from CBS Interactive Julian Childs to serve as managing director and is shifting deputy editor Jim Edwards from New York to London to work alongside Childs as founding editor. Childs was vp of CBS Interactive’s B2B Group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The other BI international sites serve Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China (through the Chinese portal QQ.com).

There’s also this intriguing paragraph in Rushe’s report:

In the not-too-distant future, Blodget believes there will be a wave of consolidation and a handful of huge digital media companies will emerge with hundreds of millions in revenues employing thousands of journalists. BI has been rumoured to be in sales talks, a rumour he neither confirms nor denies. But he does say that as the market matures, scale will become more important and he sees BI as part of a larger organisation, either as a buyer or one of the bought.

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