When Umbrellas Attack!

Poor Bill O’Reilly.  He was town last night staying at the Willard Hotel.  It just so happens that Newt Gingrich held a fundraiser at the same hotel.  So, when O’Reilly was spotted leaving the hotel in the evening, people started asking questions.  Is O’Reilly a Gingrich supporter?  It’s probably just a kooky coincidence, but, as Right Wing Watch reports,  Wisconsin community organizer Brendan Lane confronted O’Reilly just HAD to ask if he was leaving the Gingrich fundraiser.  O’Reilly, clearly not pleased with this line of questioning, tells Lane “Leave me alone right now.”  Lane asks again and O’Reilly’s umbrella someone finds it’s way into Lane’s face.  Did the wind whip it into his face?  Or did O’Reilly go bizarre Mary Poppins on Lane and use the umbrella as a weapon?  We’ve analyzed this video over and over again and we’re blaming the wind.  Either way, O’Reilly is then forced to struggle through the nasty weather with a concave umbrella.  Mediaite confirms that O’Reilly was NOT at a Gingrich fundraiser and he will address this on his TV show tonight.  What do you think?  Take a look at the video below.  We report.  You decide.