When The Urge to Fight Back Against Bad Design Takes Over

An interesting dialogue found by way of Airbag over at the site Sting the Bee. It’s about a designer who, on the side, picks up the occasional bit of small business work, and tells the story of, while laying out some pages for a site, went ahead, on his own, and decided to update the company’s crappy logo. This didn’t go over so well and the business’ owners said, “We probably shouldn’t mess with the logo.” So he asked his readers what they would do in this situation. The logo is unthinkably awful, the company is too small to pay for a real overhaul of it or even have a new one created, but you, as a designer, feel some sort of ethical obligation to try and remove this offending bit of ugly from circulation. It’s a great thing to think about and he’s gotten a couple of good responses. Here’s one:

One company had a logo created out of the clip art from MSWord. Do you know the one with four squares and two lines through? It was really awful. After a lot of back and forth, I convinced him that it was just not on. My biggest problem is keeping myself from practically giving away logo design just so I don’t have to use their crappy logo.