When is it not the Hollywood Issue, really?

March VF

vfmarch.jpgWe’ve just gotten around to looking at Vanity Fair’s annual (ha!) Hollywood Issue. (The cover has already been dissected by our LA counterpart.)

As Jacob Bernstein pointed out in this week’s NY Mag, there’s an inexplicable Ellen Barkin photo spread on pages 394 & 395 that was shot on hubby Ron Perelman’s yacht while Graydon Carter was aboard. Revlon doesn’t appear to have any ads in this month’s issue. Maybe Carter thought that was a problem. (Which means…next issue.) [UPDATE: Revlon bought 12 ad pages in ’04 and 21 in ’03. So that’s ~$1.4 million in advertising in ’04 and $2 million in ’03.]

Also, not to be missed:
· the 257th Annie Leibovitz retrospective, generally. Who says you can’t recycle the same photos in a mass market magazine over and over and over again? You can!
· “Contributing writer” Rupert Everett writes 266 words for the magazine after not writing anything for 12 months. (Maybe they saw our list.) His contributor profile is 103 words. If that’s the standard ratio, we guess we’ll see a 13,456 word contributor profile for Vicky Ward in the near future.