When I Was Twenty-One, It Was a Very Good Year…

This writer was at a meeting at a client’s offices yesterday and had to wait a bit because the people we were meeting with were already with someone in a conference room. They came out, said their goodbyes to the woman who they were talking to, and then we got to our business. As we were walking down the hall, the client said, “That was a candidate for our Fall internship. It’s always so weird, because you’re meeting with these people for a job, but it’s kinda not really a job also. And you’ve got to prep yourself that you’re just going to start getting to know this person right as they’re about to leave. That’s just a strange thought to have in the back of your head during an interview.” That’s very true, and also makes for a nice segue into this essay found over at Andy Rutledge’s home, “Agency Summer Interns Say the Damnest Things” over at AdAge, by Noelle Weaver. It’s a nice little ode to the intern, who you may never get to know very well, and they may be doing some dull, dirty work, but it’s always a great reflection on where you were at one time. Here’s some:

I remember sitting in a new business meeting at the age of 23 [there to click through the powerpoint] while a bunch of executives ran through some preliminary thinking on teen video game rental. I didn’t agree with what they were saying — but I was too young and too scared to speak up and share my own experiences.

Think about the young intern outside your office. When’s the last time you stopped by his or her desk to ask “What do you think?” Or invited them to a meeting? Remember how anxious you were to get involved and how happy you were when someone took the time to let you?

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