When Harry Met Sally Inspires Hot Flash Mob

Also, Francis is really pumped for his new Playstation

Though it came out in 1989, the movie When Harry Met Sally still inspires many imitators—both from wannabe rom-coms to women acting out that famous fake orgasm scene. Last week, the YouTube channel Improv Everywhere posted a video of 20 women doing just that, all at once, at Katz's Deli in New York.

The result was 3.4 million views and nearly 5,500 million comments, landing the clip, Harry Met Sally In Real Life—20 Women Orgasm! atop the VideoWatch/VidIQ YouTube content ranker. 

If that wasn't classy enough for you, the channel ASAP Science also posted a clip titled Are Silent Farts Worse? that burst in the top 10. But the most eye-catching video last week was probably from boogie2988, which posted a clip of a really big dude (the fictional Francis) who was very excited to receive a surprise package from Sony. "It's a PlayStation 4!" The clip's 3.2 million views were enough for second place, per VidIQ.

Check out the ranker here:

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