When agencies move, waiters suffer

If today’s lead story in Variety proves true, the owner(s?) of Kate Mantilini’s should start planning his retirement.

According to (my colleague) Michael Fleming, ICM is preparing to move from its Beverly Hills HQ (right) to the MGM tower in Century City, which has plenty of space available now that Hollywood’s most storied studio has become a name anyone with a few million bucks to make a movie can rent a scaled down theatrical distributor.

CAA is prepping a move from Beverly Hills to Century City as well.

While Variety’s article covers all the bases business-wise, it doesn’t consider what this move will mean for Kate Mantilini’s, the Beverly Hills restaurant catty corner to ICM that is infested filled with ICM agents and their lunch meetings every afternoon. Unless it changes it business model to focus on food quality rather than proximity to agents with expense accounts, I predict Kate’s could be in trouble.

I also predict that every restaurant within a mile of Century City will soon be inundated with resumes from fabulous looking waiters/waitresses who will work for sub-minimum wage in return for being allowed to leave their headshot along with the check.