When a Shake Shack Becomes Just a Shack

An interesting piece from Metropolis Magazine this week that uses New York’s popular Shake Shack, the cafe in the middle of Madison Square Park often surrounded by long lines, as a jumping off point for the question: “is this the best we can do in integrating ‘the city experience’ into the city?” Or, rather, to simplify it down a bit: “That’s it? Just stick a restaurant in a park?” The piece then goes on to look at ways in which other cultures and neighborhoods have incorporated their surroundings in novel ways. We suggest, in the next go round of this piece, they mention the annual Chicago Outdoor Film Festival, which is just about the greatest environment you could ever create. You’re watching a movie in perfect darkness, but if you turn around, whamo, you’re just surrounded by the skyscrapers. Couldn’t be planned any better. Though we’re 120% biased.