What’s Your Favorite Interview Question? Contest Highlights Top Five

interviewWhat’s your favorite interview question of all-time? We can tell you one of our least favorites, that’s for sure: “What’s your biggest weakness?” But alas, we digress.

A post on recruiting forum ERE got us thinking. People submitted their favorite interview questions through a contest with straightforward ones and oddball ones like, “What’s your favorite palindrome?”

The contest ran during a 10-week period in May, June and July and put on by VoiceGlance via mostly LinkedIn groups. HR managers, recruiters and some job seekers submitted from the U.S., India, China, Nepal, Malta, the UK, and Canada.Without further ado, here are some of the questions selected as winners. We have to say they’re thought provoking and good fodder for future interviews!

What’s the worst thing about your current job and what’s the best?

What would you like to change (positively) in our organization, and how would you do that?

Explain how you will add value to our company if hired.

What one skill do you possess that will most impact our bottom line?

What did you love best about your last full-time position?