What’s Your Favorite App, Jeff Corwin?

AN: What’s your favorite app, Jeff Corwin?

JC:  Google Earth, Hi Tide, and Nike Running. Google Earth, because I can find out where the heck I am this time. Besides, being able to send my wife a photo of my exact location, so that she can come and rescue me, is a bonus. Hi Tide, because we live on an island, and our lives are ruled by the tides. Really. Nike Running is pretty awesome too, since it tracks the pace and distance of my runs, and compares them to my earlier ones. So I know exactly how long it would take me to get out of the middle of nowhere to get home in time to beat the tide. Sense a pattern here?

Welcome to our new column, What’s Your Favorite App?, a new feature where we talk to media professionals, journalists and authors about what kinds of apps they are using in hopes of helping readers discover new apps. 
Corwin says that he uses these apps on his iPhone. The Animal Planet host is no stranger to technology. He recently launched an enhanced eBook series called Jeff’s Explorer Series, a line of eBooks that incorporate text and photos, with video and audio clips using tools from Vook. Each title is about a different species. The first is about Sharks and introduces readers to the species.
“Readers are invited on a one-on-one journey into the natural world of sharks with me as their personal guide,” explained Corwin. “I am excited to bridge the medium of TV and publishing through this series and educate readers about species that we share this planet with. Many of these species now depend on our support for their survival and we have the power to save them from extinction.”
Corwin, is currently working on the second title in the series, Wild Cats, add has plans for additional titles on other species.