What’s Your Favorite App, Dan Roth?

AppNewser asked, What’s Favorite App, Dan Roth?

The executive editor at LinkedIn picked to-do app Wunderlist because, “the app is clean and simple, loads instantly and works on every platform,” which Roth considers essential, “if, like me, you need to get your must-dos written down quickly or have them disappear into the ether,” he said.

Roth also likes that the app is free and he can prioritize his lists. “I used to use Remember the Milk, but prefer Wunderlist’s easier method for prioritizing, as well as its ability to share lists,” he continued. “I love watching what happens when I complete a to-do: the text gets crossed out, a big check appears and the item drops into a Recently Completed section. And for a few seconds I can feel like Sisyphus reaching the top of the mountain.”

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Roth uses the app on his iPhone, his iPad and his Google Chromebook. Roth also spends a lot of time working with the LinkedIn app. The company launched a slick and sophisticated iPad app last year. “I especially appreciate the calendar integration — knowing the background of who I’m about to meet with is amazingly useful,” he explained.

These days Roth is working on LinkedIn’s new Influencer program. Through the program, the social networking company has invited top business leaders to share their insights with LinkedIn’s members. The roster includes everyone from Barack Obama and David Cameron to Meg Whitman, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington. Roth’s team works with these Influencers to create and disseminate pieces that address the state of the business world.

“The content is great, but even better is how the professional world is responding. We get lots of engagement. It’s not unusual to see a post generate hundreds of smart comments with no trolling or flaming,” said Roth. “What we’re uncovering, I think, is the amazing role of original content as a conversation starter. The Influencers get the ball rolling and the LinkedIn member base takes it from there, using others’ ideas to generate new conversations with their networks.”

For Roth, these socially generated conversations are at the core of new media. “I spent so much time in my previous life as a writer and editor thinking about how to wrap each story up in a tight bow,” he said. “It’s only now that I see that what I was chasing was impossible. The finish only comes when the readers lend and share their own insight.”