What’s Weingarten Writing?

This is going to be a tough thing for me to own up to, but…  I actually agree with WaPo’s Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Gene Weingarten. At least, I agree with his most recent column that pushes back against the idea that Washington, D.C. is a “cool” city. A recent poll by Forbes found D.C. to be the second coolest city in the country and Weingarten, like me, strongly disagrees. Sure the piece isn’t very well-written, but he’s right. We are NOT a cool city. Gene points out that a big celebrity sighting here would be spotting Ben Bernanke. And that we lack a certain edge that other big cities have. I would point out that Gene could not be more wrong when he says that our “authentic cuisine” is bean soup. Try ordering a half-smoke or mumbo sauce anywhere else in America and see how far you get.

But just because I agree with Gene doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. Since when is Gene Weingarten the compass of cool? He tries to assure us that even he recognizes his lack of coolness by saying, “Sure, I think Washington is cool, but I tuck my shirt into my underpants. ” Gross. I hope he tips the dry cleaners a little something extra when he drops off his laundry.

While Gene eventually makes his case, the piece meanders through topics with the grace of an orangutan on quaaludes. He jumps around to make his points with lame attempts at comedy. In other words, the humor column for WaPo is missing something — that would be humor.