What’s Up With That? (First in a Series)

What's Up With That? (First in a Series)

cuphand.jpgIt’s common knowledge that no other country takes “to-go” quite so seriously as the good ole’ US of A. The Solo Cup, the Traveler Plus hot beverage lid, meant to address all the serious issues associated with drinking one’s coffee on the go, resembles a sippy cup for grown-ups. Drinking my coffee from a cup with one of these lids feels like the equivalent of parading my dog around town a in Bugaboo.

Oh, and you know, it doesn’t really work so well. It features an teeny little trapdoor with a vertical handle that slides it open the sippy spout. Perhaps it’s because I am not the most graceful woman in the world, but I too often find the wee handle in the vicinity of my nostril. The lid is so high off the edge of the cup making the whole sloshy thing extra precarious – I like a closer relationship with my java. I’m willing to risk the perils of a scorched tongue for it.

I could see employing some elements of this kind of design on a resusable travel cup, but this thing just strikes me as absurd through and through. I’d much prefer my standard It’s a Pleasure to Serve You cup with a plain plastic lid that I can tear a little triangle into my own damn self.

I’m constantly irritated by bad design in every day life. If you’re reading this blog with any regularity, I bet you’re the sort of person who notices these things to. So, do me a favor – the next time you deal with a design flaw that makes you crazy, snap a picture of it and email your What’s Up With That? to jen AT unbeige DOT com.