What’s Up With That? (Continued)

What's Up With That? (Continued)

boc_pack.jpgLast week I posted what I hope to be the first in a series of What’s Up With That? items about Solo’s new and, to me, egregiously over-designed coffee lid. That same day, I got an anonymous tip* from a reader:

about 8 years ago (?) I.D. Magazine (in its heydey) had a great story on coffee-lid design with photos of over 20 different designs for coffee lids in use today…it was GREAT. I.D. used to do this kind of ‘expose’ on everyday objects on a monthly basis…it was a great regular feature.

I just did a bit of Googling a few moments ago and found a link to the article by Phil Patton. Alas, there are no photos (it’s a reprint for his journalism portfolio, I believe.)

The other thing I discovered is that ID gave the lid I was grousing about a 2004 Best of Category Award in their Annual Design Review. They also came up with a far less dorky picture (above) of the lid than the one I initally posted here (which was snagged off the Solo site itself.)

They go into enormous detail about the lid design and even have a Q&A with Bryce Rutter, the principal from Metaphase Design Group (their site has a lot of ridiculous Flash included sound, don’t say you haven’t been warned before you click here) which is responsible for the design.

I stand by my original post. I still think it’s ridiculous, excessive and wasteful to boot.

*I LOVE those anonymous tips, by the way. Keep ’em coming.