What’s the Point of Art Criticism?


A really interesting read in the Brooklyn Rail that we found by way of Archinect about the modern role of art critics. Responding to an open column in the magazine from several months ago by Irving Sandler, who questioned whether or not art criticism was at all relevant anymore, David Markus answers Sandler’s questions in detail, coming to the conclusion that art criticism is still very important (if he’s responding, you kinda gotta figure he’s going to take a contrary position, right?). It gets into specifics here and there and occasionally reads like a debate in a trade magazine, but even if you aren’t in that industry, you’ll likely find it interesting none the less, if simply because it falls in that thousand year old tradition of asking society every once in a while, “So, like, you think we really need to pay people to criticize stuff for us? Doesn’t that seem kinda weird to everybody?” and then someone like Markus answers and we all go back to normal.