What’s the Matter with Augusta, Kansas?

Andy Borowitz got it right. Kent Bush, columnist at the Augusta Gazette somehow manages to blame satire for his own shortcoming. Claims he’s happy he’s wrong but doesn’t admit what exactly he was wrong about.

Bush writes:

Joe DeSantis called me from Washington D.C. Wednesday morning and was obviously less than pleased with my inclusion of the fake quotes in my column.

I sent him the additional links where the story was indeed “going viral” and appearing on news sites and in news reports across the web and other formats.

I told him that I tried to find proof that Gingrich hadn’t said those things – or at least was trying to be funny when he did. There was no indication that the quotes were faked.

This is just another reason that newspapers can’t fade away and leave nothing but electronic news. The credibility factor is gone when a comedian can be featured on a news site, falsify quotes with no suggestion that it was an attempt at satire, and then joke about how his falsification is being believed.

Yeesh. Pathetic. Here’s the original column trying to excuse Newt Gingrich for his “failed attempt at humor.”