What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Done for a Famous Client?

Rich and famous people be like...

In case you haven’t checked out Guardian’s “PR Peep Show” series, it’s a refreshingly candid deep dive into the daily lives and struggles of British communications professionals that’s sorely lacking in U.S. media.

The latest piece in the series deals with “luxury PR,” and its writer claims that “luxury clients are of the impression that more money equals more glitter.” They also like to have other people pick up their dogs’ poop.

This work is like what many members of the public imagine when they hear the phrase “public relations”: people too rich and famous to know better making ridiculous requests seem to think that members of their PR teams double as personal assistants.

Unfortunately, this particular entry doesn’t offer much in the way of details regarding completely extraneous tasks that Mr./Mrs. Anonymous had to perform for his/her celebrity clients.

But the boss accepts this as the price of doing business:

“Often clients can confuse PR for PA and will scope-creep from media relations and event management to requesting babysitters, dog walkers, taxi bookers, make-up artists, estate agents … the list goes on. It’s not always what our interns had in mind when they said they wanted a challenge, but if you put together the right team, relationships with clients can flourish.”

That sounds challenging, especially to those of us not comfortable with being subservient or picking up the poop of any dog that’s not our own. Now we have to ask: what is the craziest thing you’ve had to do for a famous client?

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