What’s Kendra Marr Tweeting?

Kendra Marr has resurfaced in the media world.

Marr was fired from her job as a transportation reporter at Politico Pro following allegations of plagiarism in October. She virtually disappeared immediately after. But as of January, she came back with a WordPress blog under her name and started tweeting again. It also looks like she’s freelancing in the area. A story published in early April in the Travel section of BBC.com headlined “Baltimore’s beer flows again” is bylined Kendra Marr. Her blog says she’s “a writer, splitting [her] time between Baltimore and Washington, DC.”

Today FBDC takes a look at what Marr has been tweeting since she hopped back on the Twitter hog.

Here’s a taste:

  • This photography blog about Asian people levitating. “Daily levitation…,” Marr wrote with the link.
  • This story about a scenario in a New York school exam that involves a talking pineapple. “So bizarre,” Marr commented.
  • This blog featuring the untouched photos of various celebrities. “Mesmerizing…,” Marr said.
  • “At last!” Marr said in a more dynamic tweet to the news that Vice President Joe Biden joined Twitter.
  • This NYT story about “stupid” video games. “If only we could blast apart all NYT stories with an asteroid spaceship,” Marr tweeted.

FBDC contacted Marr for comment.