What’s Jake Tweeting?

It’s time again to check in with D.C.’s leading jam-band enthusiast, Politico’s Jake Sherman. You can usually find Sherman covering House issues for Politico, but in his down time, he’s a Phollower of jam-bands around the country. Over the weekend, Jammy Jake travels to the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY to snap this pic of Phil Lesh and Friends. It’s a gathering of musicians to noodle around with Lesh, the former bass player for the Grateful Dead.

But that’s not the only phresh nug from Sherman…

The Dead must have been on Sherm’s mind because he tweeted out a link to this piece on the band Monday morning. It explores the longevity of Grateful Dead recordings and it’s as boring as it sounds. Now I know why so many fans are on drugs.

Of course, in the hazy midst of all the tweets about jam-bands, Sherman does find time to tweet about the current conflict in Gaza and the fiscal cliff, but those are FAR less interesting.