What’s Jake Tweeting?

In our ongoing series where we skim through the tweets of D.C. journos, we may have struck gold with Politico’s Jake Sherman. Just when we think we’ve figured him out, he surprises us. One moment he’s tweeting about the intricate details of Congress; the next, he’s tweeting out some kush tunage from his phavorite jam band. Here’s what we’re talking about. On Wednesday, Jake ‘n Bake sends out this tweet on Speaker John Boehner.

Moments later, Sherman sends out this tweet.

Happy birthday to Phish’s Page McConnell. Here are some fun clips. bit.ly/JVpNSS — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) May 17, 2012

It’s a happy birthday message to the keyboardist/piano player/multi-instrumentalist/probably great hacky-sacker, Page McConnell from Phish. Don’t worry, Jakester! Summer is right around the corner and all of your favorite bands with be hitting the road for the tours. And when you tweet about them, we’ll be there. (In spirit, of course. You couldn’t PAY us to sit through a Phish concert.)